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This is a fan-site for discussion of the excellent Arkham Horror: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games in which players assume the role of investigators facing the horrors of the Lovecraft Mythos. The internet already has ample resources discussing the player cards, strategy and deck choices within the game. So on this site I aim to take a closer look at the other half of what is present in the countless boxes and expansions: The encounter cards, standing for the discoveries we as players make, cards that represent dangers, obstacles or even unspeakable monsters from beyond. That being said, when there’s currently no encounter stuff to discuss, i am also doing player card reviews, investigator discussions and the like.

To get right to the meat of the site, use the top menu to navigate the encounter sets and scenarios grouped by their cycle.

Of course a site dedicated to the contents of the encounter deck is a potential minefield for anyone conscious about being spoiled about content they didn’t play yet. I do try to keep spoiling stuff outside of the discussed cycle to an absolute minimum, but i can not fully guarantee that you won’t see anything that you might not have wanted to. Please refer to the Spoiler Policy below for more details.

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