About me and why this site exists

My name is Michael, aka DerBK (or short: BK), some dude from Germany in his mid-to-late-thirties.

For the last twenty years i always had some sort of community project related to my many nerdy hobbies going on, from forum moderation over modding to writing of guides. After spending the last 6 years on creating and maintaining a popular series of mods for XCOM2, i left that part behind to start on something new. Enter Ancient Evils, a site intended to provide a new community resource for the Arkham LCG and create the context for discussions on Reddit and other places.

The focus on the encounter cards is for mainly two reasons:
1) Nobody else seems to be doing it. That means the content i create here is at least something that isn’t already available elsewhere.
2) I am personally interested in game design and i think that a lot of very interesting design decisions were made to make these encounter sets work in their various configurations.

Why you should believe anything i say? I am not sure if you should. I have been playing card games for a solid twenty years, including the Arkham, Lord of the Rings and Marvel LCGs from Fantasy Flight Games. One could say that at some point i decided to get rid of my Magic cards and went into deckbuilders and LCGs instead. Still, all of that only means that i have seen a lot of cards in a lot of contexts over the years, but it doesn’t make me an authority by any means. Please view the posts on this site as an initiator for discussion, not anything more.

Something else to put the opinions stated on this site into context: When playing Arkham LCG, i do so on Standard difficulty and i do play two-handed solo. For that reason, specific things that are tied to high player counts or the higher difficulties may not be on my radar.

If you have suggestions or questions, you can reach me at ancientevils@derbk.com. Or you can shoot me a private message on Reddit. Or find me on Discord, DerBK#5276.