The ARES Project is a sideproject of mine, where i want to design an Alternative Replacement Encounter Set for all encounter sets in the game that did not receive such a replacement in one of the “Return To” products.

The intention is providing a source of replayability by giving some twists on what the original encounter sets did. It’s not necessarily the aim to make the game harder, but not something to shy away from either, as long as it serves to make the set more interesting.

There is no fixed schedule for when i post more of these. Designing, balancing and playtesting takes time and i do not feel obligated to rush these out.

The cards are made using the Strange Eons editor. The artwork used is sourced by searching the internet, often from places like artstation or deviantart and credited to my best knowledge. Also to my best knowledge, the art is free for use. If i end up accidentally using images with reserved rights, please let me know and i’ll take them down and reupload with different art.

To use the custom cards in your own game, you can download them directly by saving the images from the page. I suggest printing them on regular paper and using them together with a regular card in a sleeved encounter deck.