Cruel Fate

(replaces Bad Luck from The Dunwich Legacy)

Goal of this replacement set: Bad Luck is an encounter set that is sadly just utterly forgettable, with both of its cards having little to no impact on the gameplay and just being weak all around. The replacement set doesn’t want to increase the power level too much, but it does want to make the set feel more relevant. One card is getting a fairly flashy effect that is sure to be memorable. The other one leans harder into the gambling flavor, actually giving the player a choice to either participate in a short mini game or not.
This replacement set keeps the gamble/casino flavor of Bad Luck and in fact, leans into it even more. That means it’s still somewhat out of place in Miskatonic Museum, but while i could’ve gone for a more general “bad omens” flavor, i felt like there’s enough of that in Arkham LCG.

Replaces Twist of Fate. Number of these in the encounter set: 3

About this card: Foreboding Omens makes a player lose an action and most of the times that will be it. If the action is important right now, the player is offered a chance to gamble for it, though. The chances to pull a non-symbol are usually higher than pulling a symbol, so this can be attractive… but also dangerous. The original Twist of Fate isn’t really much of a gambling card, it just makes something random happen. Gambling includes a player choice and something to gain or lose. Foreboding Omens aims to provide both of these things.

Replaces Cursed Luck. Number of these in the encounter set: 3

About this card: Like Cursed Luck, Pushed Too Far can stick around in an investigator’s threat area for a while without doing anything. But at some point, it will and while the effect itself is not all that terrible (basically, it costs a single action), the threat of this card comes from how unpredictable the timing can be.

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