Dunwich Folk

(replaces Dunwich from The Dunwich Legacy)

Goal of this replacement set: The Dunwich set revolves around the inhospitality of the town of Dunwich and of the lands around it. With the replacement set, Dunwich Folk, i want to zoom in closer on the people themselves and represent them with their own card during the two scenarios they are used in: Blood on the Altar and Undimensioned and Unseen. The second card in this set then combines ideas from the two original cards into one, dealing horror and countering ally assets.
Both of the scenarios using this set have players move around a lot and revisiting previous locations and both of the cards in Dunwich Folks have effects that play off of that.

Replaces Unhallowed Country. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: A top to bottom design that started out as the desire to have the Dunwichers themselves show up in the game and be a bit of a pain as investigators will have to placate them while in their town. Nosy as they are, they follow players around who then will have to spend extra effort to get where they want. Of course this can get them killed if they actually follow the players to where some real horror is… say, one of the Broods of Yog-Sothoth. Or a creature from the Beast Thralls or Monstrous Thralls. Players will just have to deal with these guys being around because if they decide to straight up murder them, they will have to live with their guilt – a mechanic that is lifted from the Helpless Passenger in Essex County Express. Note that being discarded by a monster will not trigger this horror, because defeated and discarded are different things.

Replaces Sordid and Silent. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: Sordid and Silent always felt like a bit of a do-nothing card to me. Great flavor, but little to no effect on the actual game. By triggering the effect on moving into a location, i aim to fix that on my own version, Shut Out and Excluded. The horror is only dealt to allies, as a nod to the original Unhallowed Country card.

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