Hemlock Vale Spoiler Roundup #3

First we saw some german cards, then some spanish ones. This week we got some polish ones. Fun! And educational, too! Now i know the word for devil in polish, I am sure this will come in handy at some point of my life.


Control Variable and Devil were spoiled at “Dzień Fanatyka”, an event organized by the polish distributor of AHLCG.


Control Variable
event, 1 cost, level 0
Insight. Science. Cursed.
Fast. Play after an investigator reveals a curse token during a test at your location.
Discover 1 clue at your location.

Honestly, nothing too famous. It’s an okay card, the trade of an card for a clue at fast speed is fairly typical Seeker stuff. Is this better than Working a Hunch? Does Working a Hunch even see play? Is this better than True Understanding? I suppose this could become relevant if you care about the traits. Insight, Science and Cursed are all relevant traits. If you get some sort of synergy going from there, that’d elevate it above being just a card for a clue and possibly become better than it looks at first glance.


asset, 1 cost, level 2, takes the Ally slot
3 health, no sanity
Ally. Creature. Cursed.
Forced – At the beginning of your turn: Move 1 damage from your investigator to “Devil”.
Forced – When “Devil” is defeated, deal 2 damage to each enemy and investigator at your location.

Oh, this is fun. Soaks for a lot and can nuke a location, pinging all enemies and investigators there. It’s going to be hard to time this well and due to the first Forced effect it’s at least going to be a challenge to overwrite this in time with another ally if you don’t want to explode the goat. (You heard me. “Explode the goat”. You heard it here first. Tell your friends.)
This has potentially a lot of upside if you can catch an enemy or two with it. It’s also a really unique effect for Survivor. The shenanigans you can do with William Yorick are also hilarious to imagine. For a more boring approach use Calling in Favors to use the goat to heal yourself and return it so you can heal yourself more later on so you can continue to live deliciously.
So clearly, this is a fun card that i am happy to see in the card pool. Is it a good card? I am tending towards yes. Might be that it’s too difficult to time it right to do its thing and might be that you become too much of a danger for your teammates, i guess. But overall i am pretty sure this guy is going to find a home.

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