Hemlock Vale Spoiler Roundup #6 – Wilson Richards Edition

I wasn’t going to make a spoiler roundup post for a single reveal, but I think we can make an exception for a full investigator. It’s kinda like getting 4 cards, right? Here’s Wilson Richards.


Wilson Richards was previewed by Los Archivos de Arkham on their YouTube.


When i saw the backside, a wave of relief washed over me. Thank god, he has great access to Tools. His front was (pretty much) known already from foreign language promo images, but so far it was unclear what Tools he’d actually have access to. After all, Guardian isn’t really known for great Tool cards and getting bad deckbuilding would’ve lead to another Amina situation. Well, turns out he can just straight up run all of them. Awesome, crises averted!

And that’s a very good thing, because that 3/3/3/3 statline is usually a harbinger of an investigator just being kinda meh. Not in this case though, as his investigator ability will allow you to basically treat your statline as 4/4/4/4 as long as you have tools involved. Since there is by now a good variety of them for all sorts of jobs, that’s not actually that tall of an order. It might take some investment of XP to have him really take off, but Wilson ends up being one of the most flexible Guardian investigators we have now, able to flex into fighting and clueing similar to a Joe Diamond or William Yorrick. Sadly he can’t run Michael Leigh, but looking at the list of cards at Guardian 5, that seems to be the only relevant thing he has to give for only being Guardian 0-4 instead of getting the full range. Fair enough.

He also gets access to Improvised and Upgrade cards 0-1, which is an interesting twist. His statline comes to bite him here when it comes to the likes of Winging It or Improvised Weapon, but it does give him Jury-Rig (which is going to be amazing for him), Hidden Pocket (which fits on a Tool Belt), I’ll Take That (which turns things Illicit to fit into the Hidden Pocket) and Pushed to the Limit (which is a natural combo with his signature). Full list of relevant cards.

Ad Hoc is very interesting because it’s not just a one-shot event, it stays in play to work its magic over and over. Turning cards from your hand into extra actions can be very valuable by itself and if you can get further value out of ignoring the activation costs of the discarded card, things might even get a little dirty. Discarding a M1918 BAR to the effect allows you to blast something for 5 damage. Now, you might say that running a 4XP card just to discard it is iffy, but since Pushed to the Limit actually lets you double up on it… that might actually not end up being such a meme after all. Also, an almost Fast event that hits stuff for 5 damage is actually worth 4XP. EDIT: Oh no, i have just been informed this likely doesn’t work. Because no ammo was spent when using the BAR this way, X would just default to 0. Sooo…. use Sledgehammer instead!
I also feel like Versatile for Scavenging could do some dirty things here, returning discarded Fingerprint Kits to your hand after using them in non-conventional manners.
Or you know, just play it straight and get some extra actions out of your surplus weapons you draw. That’s fine too. Either way, this is a fun signature that can pull off some interesting tricks. I like it a lot.

Which finally leaves the weakness. Uh… it’s boring? No big deal at all, just discard it for 2 actions. Standard weakness fare, I am almost disappointed that he gets such a bog standard vanilla weakness when the rest of him is so interesting, but sure. Why not. Don’t really have much more to say about that.

Great investigator, looking forward to juggling Sledgehammer and Fingerprint Kit in my toolbelt while a BAR a second Sledgehammer bounces back and forth between deck, hand and discard.

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