Hideous Abominations

Set Size3
Number of unique Cards2
Threat LevelHigh
# of scenarios3
Appears in: The House Always Wins, Lost in Time and Space. Additionally, this set can be used during Where Doom Awaits if specific conditions were met.

My take on this set: These are very impactful enemies that act as mini-bosses in their respective scenarios. Their most important appearance is during The House Always Wins, where the investigators are still using underdeveloped decks and can struggle taking these down.
Even if the players do have the necessary tools to defeat these creatures, it will likely still take an above average number of actions to do so. In turn, the biggest danger from these cards comes from them stalling out the investigators.

Number in the encounter deck: 2

What it does: It may have a very low fight score, but since it is sporting an impressive 6 stamina, the Conglomeration of Spheres can take some punishment nonetheless. Additionally, investigators attacking it are encouraged to either attack bare-handed or using ranged weapons and spells as an ability of this enemy will discard any melee weapons used to attack it.
The Conglomeration is a Hunter, going after enemies with the lowest willpower (presumably because those are less likely to use spells and more likely to use melee weapons?).

My take: The weaker one of the two abominations from this set, but still far from a push-over. The pile of stamina to work through makes this a considerably roadblock. If you find yourself in the situation of having to use fisticuffs against this enemy because you are left without a suitable weapon or agility score, this becomes downright awful.
Usually this enemy is fine, though. My one criticism here, and it is a big one, is the lack of a Victory point on this card. Come on, now.

Threat level: High. There are ways to deal with it, but even the best case scenarios will likely take a full turn from someone. Probably even more.

Dealing with it: Obviously this enemy becomes a lot easier to manage if players have access to non-melee weapons. If they do, the Conglomeration’s low fight score means it’s usually just a matter of putting in the actions to defeat it. But unless players can deploy two ways to deal 3 damage in one action, defeating it will still eat up 3 actions and any charges or ammo tokens required.

Number in the encounter deck: 1

What it does: Servant of the Lurker has impressive combat stats, at 4 fight and 5 stamina it’s not easy to take down in one turn at all. Only its evasion of 2 offers a weak point, one that is very necessary as well because being attacked by Servant will cost the player 2 stamina, 2 sanity and 2 cards from the their deck.
Servant of the Lurker is a Hunter enemy, going after players with low agility, which of course makes sense with its own stats in mind.
Defeating the Servant awards a victory point.

My take: This is quite the enemy to throw at the group in scenario 1 or 2. As it’s often not possible to take this down in one turn, being able to use the evasion option to prevent being hit for a whole lot of everything is a godsend here. In The Dunwich Legacy, picking up every victory point you can get is important, but this is frequently one of the hardest one to earn in the whole campaign.

Threat level: High to Very High. It’s not quite as bad as some true Elite bosses, but since it appears so early it can have immense impact.

Dealing with it: As long as someone is able to exhaust this enemy on command via evasion, defeating the Servant only becomes a matter of time. But of course that may not always be a resource that players have a lot of – especially during House Always Wins when it is played after Extracurricular Activity every turn counts.

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