Irregular Evils – #32

Site News

This week i finally published my writeups for The Lair of Dagon and Into the Maelstrom, the final two scenarios from the Innsmouth cycle that still didn’t have a page here. The reason for the delay is that the FFG-maintained cardgamedb hasn’t been updated in a long while, so i don’t have the card pictures i use in my articles. What’s worse, since i use german cards myself i didn’t even have the exact english card texts and titles, making posting the scenario pages difficult because they kinda require you to refer to cards by their name 😀

Lucky for me, the fine folks over at the arkhamdb (who are facing similar issues, they pull their card images and texts from the cardgamedb as well) manually typed up the texts – so i was finally able to get those last two scenarios done for you by sourcing the cards from them. Shoutout to them, they are doing god’s work.

It’s currently unknown if the cardgamedb is just being put on the backburner right now or if it’s simply not going to be updated anymore at all from now on. We’ll have to wait and see, i guess.

In terms of content released on this site i probably should also mention the XP overviews that i posted 2 weeks ago. Nothing that took me a whole lot of time to do, it’s just the XP tables from the Best-Laid Plan series all together on one page for easy reference.

As for what’s next, i started pouring over the new replacement encounter sets from the Return to The Circle Undone box. I think i will start updating the relevant encounter pages soon. The update for the scenario pages and the Best-Laid Plans) will have to wait a bit longer as i don’t actually have the box yet and don’t know when i will get it. If the dates at my preferred webstore are to be believed, i might just get Edge of the Earth before i get RtTCU. Ah well, it’s all a bit ridiculous. Get your shit together, FFG. In any case, i am confident that i can update the encounter set reviews just from looking at the cards (and maybe proxying them up for a mock game or two), but for the scenario reviews and the deep dive i need hands-on experience with the full thing for sure.

LCG News

This week we were treated to a livestream were (among other things) Maxine Newman and Jeremy Zwirn got to show off some highlights from the upcoming Edge of the Earth investigator box. Aside from being a fun stream, it gave us a good look at several investigators and a couple of interesting player cards.

Check out the full recording here. Alternatively, you can either watch Wern’s recap video that condenses the info into 20 minutes or, if you are in a hurry, just look at the card images on imgur.

We now have the full info on Norman, Lily and Bob. For Monterey we have everything but the weakness. Daniela we know very little about, but it’s all but sure that she will have the same sort of deckbuilding, starting in Guardian and moving into Survivor.

So there’s plenty of things to be hyped about there. Personally, i am looking forward to seeing more of the player cards that are meant to specifically support these new investigators. The support cards for Norman and Lily are particularly interesting to me as i expect them to fuel the event heavy deck types that i like. We’ve already seen Sweeping Kick in the announcement article, more like that to widen the archetype opened up by Nate’s starter deck would be very welcome!

Alright, that’s all i got for today. Have a good one.


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