Irregular Evils – #33

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During the last week, i went over the new replacement encounter sets from the Return to The Circle Undone. I updated all of the relevant encounter set pages with my thoughts on these new cards and how they fit into the game. On the whole, i really like what the box has to offer there. If you want to check these out, find them here:

Impending Evils
Chilling Mists
City of the Damned
Unspeakable Fate
Unstable Realm
Bloodthirsty Spirits


No idea if this is of interest to anyone, but here’s another thing i did a week ago:

I took my little book of campaign logs and transferred the results into a spreadsheet. These are all full two-handed solo campaigns. It’s missing the very first plays i did when i still had only the Core. Using this, i wanted to take a look at my own preferences and how well/badly i am doing. It was also to inform me on what areas of the game to maybe focus a bit more on in the future. Some immediate things that stuck out to me:

  • I still didn’t properly beat NotZ. Honestly i don’t care about it, three scenarios do not make a campaign and Devourer Below is not satisfying in the slightest. I have no intentions of revisiting the campaign.
  • Circle Undone is the only campaign i lose more often than i win it. Actually surprised, i expected Dunwich to take that crown. It does make sense, though – Before the Black Throne is probably the hardest of the final scenarios. I’ll also note that one of the two wins was the one for the lodge after U&D, so this is even worse than it looks 😀
  • I seem to be quite bad with Survivors! Not even sure why, i really do enjoy them. That 0-3 with Patrice came as a huge surprise to me, she’s one of my favorites. I suppose i don’t need to win to have fun.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, i won with every Guardian at least once. Yay!
  • The only investigators i didn’t play yet are Rita, Gloria and Lola. That’s not entirely true, i did try both Rita and Gloria before but always ended up disliking the deck and aborting the campaign after 2 or 3 scenarios. As for Lola, I think she is just engineered to be frustrating and i find it really hard to bring up the motivation to deal with her absolutely insane restrictions.

So, i obviously knew what had to be done. I spent some time building decks for Gloria and Rita and sent them on their way through Circle Undone, poking at several of my “weak spots” at the same time. It’s actually going better than expected, at least it did so for a while. I still have to stick the landing. The first three scenarios went really well, including a very smooth Secret Name. Wages was its usual self. For the Greater Good was super close and i won 1 doom away from flipping the agenda and spawning the Summoned Beast. Union and Disillusion was a disaster, Gloria fell to damage on turn 5 and Rita fled on turn 6 after deciding she won’t be able to do any of the circle tests. The final two scenarios i still have to play. It’s going to be tough.
While the decks themselves performed reasonably well, there’s no doubt though that Rita and me are never going to be friends. She’ll forever be “Wendy, but bad” in my mind. I suppose i will leave her to the true solo players. Gloria is fine. She’s a high willpower mystic with a gimmick. Just like all the others. And Lola… well, i think the tarot stuff in RtTCU will finally give me a reason to give her a whirl.

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