Irregular Evils – #35

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Just as a heads up, i felt like posting because i have not actually been posting a whole lot on the site lately. And i want to at least give a life sign 😉
I am still slowly working towards updating the scenario pages from TCU with the Return info. Two out of eight are done, so still a couple to go. I also want to update the TCU deep dive with Return info, which i did not start on doing yet.
I did however start on writing the next entry for the Arkham/LotR/Champions series of articles. This one is going to spend some time talking about number ranges, why they matter and how it influences our gameplay whether some stats scale from 1 to 3 or from 1 to 10. It’s currently looking like it’s going to be a long one.
Progress on all of those is going a bit sluggishly right now, mostly because my attention has been quite divided over the last month. Between rekindling my old flame XCOM2 (both playing and modding) and dusting off my LotR collection there’s not been a whole lot of Arkham since i finished my RtTCU playthrough. I also kinda blame the delays. If i had some new playercards, i’d be all over Arkham right now. Probably diving right back into RtTCU with Lily and Monterey 🙂
Eh, I’ll get to it eventually. Until then, you can however go ahead and check out the Resurgent Evils entry for RtTCU where i lay out what’s in the box and what i think of it.
If that’s not your thing, maybe i can interest you in some War of the Outer Gods?

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