Monstrous Thralls

(replaces Beast Thralls from The Dunwich Legacy)

Goal of this replacement set: There is nothing wrong with the original Beast Thralls, so this is not a replacement set that is meant to fix anything. Instead, it just attempts to provide more variety and add to the card pool to draw from when playing the two associated scenarios, Where Doom Awaits and Undimensioned and Unseen. Since each card stands on its own perfectly fine, i could see running one of each of the original cards with one of each of the replacements instead of swapping out the whole thing. The original set consists of a couple really high powered cards, in turn i enjoyed getting to create some nasty critters of my own here.

Replaces Avian Thrall. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: Ursine Thrall is meant to follow a similar line of play as the Avian Thrall. It spawns right on the investigator who drew it and is difficult to defeat. Instead of having high fight to let it endure, this one has a damage prevention effect. Where Avian Thralls are easier to defeat with specific weapons, Ursine Thrall is easiest to kill when you can deliver big chunks of damage at the same time. Because of the large amount of actions that Ursine Thrall could eat up if it has to be defeated with regular two damage attacks (and being invulnerable to anything less than that) i made it easy to evade and even gave anyone trying to do so a head start by making it come into play exhausted.

Replaces Lupine Thrall. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: The aggressive counterpart to the sluggish Ursine Thrall, this monster pig uses the same Spawn conditions as the original Lupine Thrall and then starts hunting. Players are advised to come towards this enemy themselves because if they get caught by the Hunter movement, this will lead to a truly hurtful three damage attack. It has an ability to disengage and try for another ram attack when it is hurt, but i lowered its health to three, so there is a chance to take it out in one hit.

Replaces Altered Beast. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: Like with the original Altered Beast, it’s not enough to look at this card with the other cards from this set in mind. Instead, one has to consider which other enemies are also possible to be affected. Most importantly, that means the Broods of Yog-Sothoth in Undimensioned and Unseen, but also the lowly Thrall from the Bishop’s Thralls set in Where Doom Awaits. The extra damage is relevant on all these enemies, but the addition of the Elite trait was done specifically with the Broods in mind. Exploiting their non-Elite status with Waylay and similar cards is a thing, to the point where Return to U&U added two copies of a card that grant Elite to a Brood. In addition to being nasty on their own with the extra damage and horror, the Bestial Rage can be considered redundancy to that fix from Return to U&U.

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  1. I like these a lot! The monstrous thrall set is good, but more variety is always welcome and you’ve definitely put a lot of thought into all your custom sets. Is there a print friendly version of all your custom encounter cards?

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