Naomi’s Enforcers

(replaces Naomi’s Crew from The Dunwich Legacy)

Goal of this replacement set: Naomi’s Crew is a very inoffensive set that just adds some medium sized enemies to the scenario, but doesn’t pose any major scenario-defining threats. The Enforcer replacement set isn’t meant to change that and it also stays very uncomplicated and straightforward.
A theme of caring about the investigator’s resources runs through the set because it felt appropriate for mobsters, but also to give them a little extra ‘kick’ in the Skids O’Toole related “All or Nothing” scenario that was recently posted by FFG.

Replaces Mobster. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: Goon trades the Retaliate ability of his Mobster precursor for another point of combat. Nothing terribly special, but they also shouldn’t be. That spawn condition is driven by flavor for the most part, but it does have some implications for the game as they can spawn together with other enemies at one location in one turn.

Replaces O’Bannion Thug. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: Mob Enforcers once again have very similar base stats to their original counterparts. Their ability will make them less likely to just be stranded somewhere, waiting to be eaten by abominations or just be forgotten. Having a Mob Enforcer somewhere on the board also makes Goons a good bit more intimidating.

Replaces Hunted Down. Number of these in the encounter set: 2

About this card: I made the two enemy cards a bit stronger than the originals, so i decided to turn this last card in the set a bit down. At worst it can lead to someone losing 5 resources, but there is possibility to mitigate it with a scaling test or – if you really want to keep those resources – with life. Players without many (or any) resources will not care about this card at all. But it’s certainly a card that can be a wrench in someone’s plan.

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