Screeching Rats

(replaces Rats from the Core set)

Goal of this replacement set: Rats are basically filler creatures in the encounter deck, not meant to be a threat but just an annoyance to deal with. The Screeching Rats aim to stick to this, but also tap into the trope of rats being usually a sign that worse things are around.

Replaces Swarm of Rats. Number of these in the encounter set: 3

About this card: Screeching Rats trade the evasion and Hunter keyword of their base set card for Surge, meaning they always come on the coat tails of something else. While the creature itself is now about as weak as it can be, it still means the card became a bit more powerful due to no longer acting as a “lucky” draw from the encounter deck. For a replacement set that is aimed at players who want to breathe some fresh air into old, stale scenarios that shouldn’t be a problem, though.

Use these in The Secret Name or Thousand Shapes of Horrors at your own peril 😉

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