The Buying Guide

This Buying Guide goes into deep detail on how to start and proceed with your ArkhamLCG collection, answering the very common question of “What should I buy next?”.
It lays out everything that exists for this game and how much you should prioritize it or if it’s skippable.

ArkhamLCG Buying Guide

This already way too exhaustive wall of text is further supplemented by a series of reviews for all of the Investigator Expansion boxes. These reviews go over each card and rank it, then discuss how well the set supports the investigators in it and how suitable the set is for someone as their first or second buy after the Core Set.

IER: Investigator Starter Decks

IER: The Dunwich Legacy

IER: The Path to Carcosa

IER: The Forgotten Age

IER: The Circle Undone

IER: The Dream-Eaters

IER: The Innsmouth Conspiracy

IER: Edge of the Earth

IER: The Scarlet Keys

IER: The Feast of Hemlock Vale

There is also a similar review going over everything in the Core Set, to put the cards in there into perspective and see how well that box stands on its own:

IER: The Core

Finally, there is a series of reviews for the five “Return To” products, a discontinued line of boxes which add more stuff to existing campaigns.

Return to The Night of the Zealot

Return to The Dunwich Legacy

Return to The Path to Carcosa

Return to The Forgotten Age

Return to The Circle Undone