The Feast of Hemlock Vale: Visual Spoiler

Spoiler season is over, this is complete now. Enjoy!








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  1. There’s also a link to a Spanish version of the last image in a post on Boardgamegeek, visible here:

    It looks like Wolf’s Mask will boost Fight and Agility, while Vicious Athame replenishes charges if it defeats an enemy and provides +2 Fight for each Curse token added, which sounds vaguely nuts. Of course, I’m not really seeing a +1 damage rider on either version, so that could be a problem…

  2. Fun fact, there’s no exhaust clause on Eyes of Valusia (4), so if you wanted to you could conceivably give all other investigators +3 to attacks against the target enemy for a round.

    Also, British Bulldog looks like the final nail in the poor .41 Derringer’s coffin.

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