The (Unofficial) Return to The Innsmouth Conspiracy: Print and Play

It’s Done!

Hell yeah. It took a bit longer than expected, but I can finally share with you the complete Print and Play files for the fan-made Return To Innsmouth expansion. As a reminder, all this stuff you can see on the following image is in it, including all you need to create your own Return To style box and dividers:

There are two versions of the download. One is with bleed margins for professional printing and one without intended mostly for home printing.

Download for the Bleed version is here: <Download as rar>
Download for the non-Bleed version: <Download as rar>

If you are using the Arkhamesque dividers by BGG user Troy (or would like to start using them!), then i have another piece of good news for you. Troy made dividers for this custom Return To as well. More info and links here: <Click>

One note on printing this set

The Unofficial Return to Innsmouth has a somewhat unique thing in it that makes it a bit more awkward to print than regular sets: Locations with shared backs that need to be randomized among each other. Chances are, you will not be able to print your own Tidal Tunnel, Devil Reef or Innsmouth Road locations in a way that they will not immediately be recognizable next to the ones from the original set.

My suggestion is using completely opaque sleeves to solve this problem. For example, you could sleeve all your Tidal Tunnels (original ones and printed ones) in one color and all Devil Reefs in another. You won’t be able to actually see their backs anymore, but that’s not really required for gameplay. You just need to remember that for example your Tidal Tunnels are red and your Devil Reefs are blue.

Alternatives are using placeholders (like Tidal Tunnels from scenarios currently not in use) or throwing dice to determine to which concealed location you go.


Thanks to the tireless help by both Hauke and coldtoes, both of the archive files are chock full of goodies that enable you to get more out of your Innsmouth Conspiracy campaigns.

The cards: Well, duh. The archive has the cards as single png images. High res card backs are also included.
The rules insert: Just like a real Return To, we did the rules insert in the same long format that fits a Return box. It has all the new rules, scenario adjustments, achievements and what else you would expect from it.
A card overview: An excel sheet that has detailed info on what cards are in the set, in which numbers and what back they have.
Instructions to build the box: There are actually two PDFs for that in the archive. One is from Peyo, a member of the french Arkham community that first documented how to build a Return To style box. It is in french, though! The other one is from Hauke who documented (in english!) how he built his own box based on Peyo’s work with plenty of pictures and detail. Hauke also did the graphical assets that you wrap the cardboard in to make it look just like in the picture above.
Dividers: The images needed for the dividers are also in there as PDFs.
MPC instructions: The bleed version also has all the information you need to order the set from makeplayingcards with minimal fuss for yourself. Coldtoes prepared a project file you just need to import, provided you install the proper browser plugin first. She wrote detailed instructions on how to do all that, so just check it out if you are actually willing to drop some cash on having this printed.

There is also a readme file which nobody is going to read, so i made you read it by replicating it in this article. Ha, got you. You just read a ReadMe. How embarrassing for you.

Cheers o/

This set has been in the works for half a year now and i am quite happy to finally being able to move on to the next thing. Enjoy! And see you in The (Unofficial) Return to The Dream-Eaters…

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  1. Awesome work on this! So any suggestions for company’s that would be able to print the cards and the box? Would love to have something akin to the original Return To boxes.

    1. The only company i am aware of for printing cards is There’s probably others, but i don’t really know much about that.

      The box and the dividers are probably best seen as a home crafting project. The instructions that are in the download show how Hauke made his box (which looks fantastic) and what tools he used for it, so it should be easy enough to follow.

  2. This is fantastic – thank you!
    Just a thought about the issue of shared-back locations: perhaps this print-and-play could include reproductions of the original Tidal Tunnel, Devil Reef and Innsmouth Road location cards, which could then be optionally printed too so they would match the ‘Return to’ versions?

  3. This looks fantastic.
    Would you by any chance be willing to share yout Box art Template?
    I have bought 4 extra … return to boxes. And I will stick this on one of them.
    But I would love to make a matching one for Drem Eaters, and my 2 boxes of custom scenarios.

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