Weekly Evils #12

Week in Review

This week i’ve been exploring the Forgotten Age, building the way towards the infamous Boundary Beyond on Friday. Before getting there, i had to knock out Guardians of Time and Yig’s Venom as well, of course. Notably this marks the point where all of the new encounter replacements from Return to the Forgotten Age have their articles on this site. Yay.


The Forgotten Age was on my mind this week for other reasons, too. Starting a new campaign, Sister Mary and Trish Scarborough went into the jungle. It’s been a rocky start with very few XP earned so far, which is quite untypical for TFA. Probably going to throw the two Innsmouth scenarios in there somewhere as well, just to pad it out a bit and gain some more XP on the side 😉 Building a deck for Mary is quite the puzzle, something i will absolutely have to revisit at some point down the road.

Meanwhile, spoilers for upcoming content continued. We got to see Gloria’s backside, but since that’s technically been a leak and not an official spoiler, i’ll not comment on it further here. More interesting and worth talking about than willpower focused Mystic #734815 is a little gem called “Stirring Up Trouble”, a card from the In Too Deep mythos pack and spoiled by the Mythos Busters. That looks like a very relevant card to me that goes into many, many decks. On the surface it compares evenly with Drawn to the Flame, a staple card for its class. Adding 4-5 curses to the bag is about equal to drawing an extra encounter card in my book, so this doesn’t need to hide from DttF at all. Heh, there’s even a couple of investigators that can run both. This is a card i can see myself playing a lot, as i think it scales very well on both low shroud and high shroud locations. My only concern would be not being able to play it when there’s already a bunch of tokens from other cards like Promise of Power, Faustian Bargain or Deep Knowledge in the bag. If this trend of great cards with Curses attached continues throughout the cycle, deckbuilding with them is going to be interesting. There’s certainly an upper limit of how many you can add to a deck before it becomes too much. And this limit is shared throughout the whole party, which is extra intriguing. I like this sort of thing.

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