Weekly Evils – #14

Week in Review

This week’s update to the main content part of the site is Merging Realities, an inoffensive set of filler treacheries and Waking Nightmare, my favorite scenario from the Dream-Eaters cycle.

I’ve also been doing another replacement set for ARES: Circle Undone. The Unyielding Fate hopes to fix the poor player count scaling of Fate of All Fools and Terror in the Night from the Inexorable Fate set.


While the first couple of leaked cards for Horror in High Gear are already making the rounds, people found their Glorias and In Too Deep packs in their mailboxes. Personally, i didn’t receive the novel yet, but i got my first play of In Too Deep in a few days ago. Again, a really good scenario with lots of replayability and different ways to approach it. We are only three scenarios into the cycle so far, but for now every one of those scenarios has been a hit. This cycle is shaping up to be just great.

Other than that (and i’ll leave it at that regarding ITD for spoiler reasons), i don’t really have a whole lot to soapbox about this time, so let me use this space to give you a preview of upcoming things instead. Next week it’s going to be Innsmouth’s turn to get its card sets reviewed for the first time. I do plan on having the pages for Creatures of the Deep, Rising Tide and Shattered Memories up next Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The week after i’ll be following up with the scenario page for Pit of Despair and move into Dunwich with Hideous Abominations and Lost in Time and Space on Wednesday and Friday. I was briefly considering taking a full two weeks for Innsmouth’s four pages, but felt that was unneccessary after all. This way i do not disrupt my new schedule and stay on track for catching up with the reviews in February.

Actually, let’s have a look at the numbers for that schedule. Ignoring Innsmouth for a second, Ancient Evils is still missing the pages for 21 scenarios and 16 encounter sets. If i were to do one scenario per week, then i’d be finished in mid April. However, despite Innsmouth also coming on top of that, i still expect to finish a bit earlier due to being able to do two scenarios per week once the encounter sets run out. I also already have a little bit of buffer prepared ahead – and i do tend to pick up the pace a bit once i am nearing the end of a project. So I am still hoping for a mid February finish line. Maybe i’ll even do a huge content dump near the end instead of dragging the content out over weeks. I am not going to lie, while this has been fun to do and offered me a lot of interesting insight into the design of the game, i will be relieved when it’s done and i can turn my attention to new stuff when it pops up instead of overanalyzing the content of yesteryear 😀

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