Weekly Evils – #18

Week in Review

Bucket loads of content on Ancient Evils this week. Aside from the scheduled trip to The Depths of Yoth and the associated encounter set Forgotten Ruins, i extended this weeks trip to TFA by also putting up the page for Untamed Wilds.

I also had a short series of articles that i wanted to put up. “Well Prepared” is a series of six posts looking at what i call “answers”, cards that help tackling specific challenges of the game. Monday through Saturday i posted one article, so the whole thing’s available now already: Guardians, Seekers, Rogues, Mystics, Survivors and Neutrals. It’s nothing too spectacular, but i wanted to make such a list for myself and figured i might as well go the extra mile and turn it into something i can share here.


Both War of the Outer Gods and Devil Reef have been released into player hands. I got mine, but didn’t get around to playing either yet.

The other noteworthy things in recent time was the release of Parallel Agnes and her Bad Blood scenario. As with the other parallels, it’s Print&Play only and you can get them at FFGs site.

I have to say i really like this new Agnes. In fact, it’s the first Mystic in a long, long time that i actually felt like it adds something cool to the game. Finally one that doesn’t just do Shrivelling and Rite of Seeking (or one of their way too similar alternatives). Started a Circle Undone run with Lola and Bizarro Agnes. Ended up ditching Lola (sorry to the Lola fans, but i had next to no fun with her) and this is now a solo run… ah well. Wanted to try pure solo some time anyways and Pseudo-Agnes seems to be a great investigator for that. Managed to do solo Secret Name, but it was a really close call. Hope this keeps up.

Anyways, not much more i got to talk about today. Cheers o/

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