Weekly Evils – #2

Week in Review

This week’s posts to the Main Content were all moving towards the scenario deck review of In the Clutches of Chaos. The two sets that were needed in preparation for that were Anette’s Coven and Witchcraft. Grab your lighter and your hairspray because next week will be Spider Week. Lots and lots and lots of spiders.
I also finished up the initial release versions for all of the Dunwich alternate replacement sets that i wanted to make and posted a whooping five sets to the Custom Content: Bishop’s Vassals, Dunwich Folk, Otherworldly Abominations, Naomi’s Enforcers and Churchyard Crows are done, leaving only Sorcery without a replacement – and that one is perfect as is, so i consider “ARES: Dunwich” complete for now. The next step is playtesting the replacements, of course.
As far as organizational stuff goes, i removed almost all of the post categories that i put on posts before. Things like “Horror”, “Doom” or “Discard(Deck)” were attached to posts as tags. But there was little practical use for it and it was a bit of a pain for me to do everytime, so i killed that. The only categories left are “Main Content”, “Spoiler”, “Custom” and “Weekly Evils”, and a drop down menu at the bottom of the site lets you find those posts in the order they were posted in. You can also grab a RSS feed of a category by adding “/feed” to the URL, for example in case you only want to be notified if Main Content gets posted.


HBO ran its first episode of Lovecraft Country. I thought it was decent. I guess it’s too early to say more, but i liked that it spent the lion’s share of the pilot’s runtime on establishing the main characters and not diving into any supernatural stuff for most of the episode. The change from social drama to creature horror was a bit abrupt, almost like two different series stitched together, but we’ll see where it goes from here. Personally i could do with more time spent on Lovecraft’s creatures than on his world view in future episodes, but the main characters are strong enough to carry both parts. I’m optimistic for the rest of the season. Should be good.

Somehow, despite being more interested in making custom content than actually playing the game right now, i managed to ride through most of Return to The Forgotten Age last week. Finished City of Archives, so only two more scenarios to go which should be doable over the rest of the weekend. Both Carolyn and Silas grew nicely into their decks, i’m happy about that. And RtTFA has confirmed itself as quite the good product. The changes to the scenarios are welcome, but the changes to exploration are probably what i like most. Money well spent, i can’t imagine playing base TFA anymore.

Hopefully, i can at least start next week with a new campaign: Return to Dunwich, using all of my replacement sets from the ARES project… that should be interesting. Not sure what characters i’ll be using. Parallel Skids? Could be an option, my printer’s going to be running hot right for all the encounter cards anyways.

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