Weekly Evils – #20

Week in Review

Dreamlands was our destination this week, and to get there, we had to move Beyond the Gates of Sleep. Two more encounter sets from that scenario didn’t have a page yet, so that was rectified as well. Zoogs gives us an (adorable) first view at the Swarm mechanic in the campaign and Dreamlands sets that (less adorable) stage for where the first half of the campaign is happening.


I am enjoying my free time between the holidays, i hope you are doing so as well. To be honest, i didn’t prepare anything to ramble about this week. I’ll leave you with a link to MJ Newman’s blog instead, get your encounter related column right from the source. In the second part of their Behind the Curtain series, MJ shares some insights into scenario design, a very interesting read.

See you in 2021 🙂

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