Weekly Evils – #23

Week in Review

Dinner’s served at the fancy cast member’s gathering of The Last King. An exceptional scenario in theme, setup and mechanics that sets the tone of the Carcosa campaign right from the start. At that dinner, the players also have to deal with The Stranger again.
The final review of this week is Byakhee, finishing up the encounter sets for Carcosa. So next time we get to Carcosa, we just have two more scenarios to do and the campaign’s fully on the site. Things are coming to a close 😉


A few weeks i had a realization that was somewhat surprising to me. Carcosa is no longer my favorite campaign. Return to The Forgotten Age is just THAT good. Even before RtTFA was released, i felt like i liked TFA a bit more each time i replayed it (and at the same time, i liked TCU a bit less with each play…). Now, with the fixed exploration mechanics, the Vengeful Serpents and the reworks to especially Doom of Eztli and City of Archives, TFA is just a delight throughout for me.

The thing i always appreciated a lot about Carcosa is how there’s no scenario in there that is a real dud on the scope of Wages of Sin. Worst scenario in Carcosa is Echoes, and that is just a bit trivial sometimes. Now, with Doom of Eztli and City of Archives being massively improved, i feel similar about TFA. Heart of the Elders #2 is basically that campaigns Echoes, the rest is genuinely something that i look forward to setting up.

I write this having just finished another RtTFA campaign last week, with two decks (Sefina and Patrice) that i thoroughly enjoyed as well. Sefina + Chuck Fergus make a good team, and Pilfer is a bomb during Threads and Boundary Beyond especially. For Patrice, an On Your Own build getting maximum mileage out of Keep Faith was in order. Between Keep Faith, Scrounging for Supplies and Resourceful, i basically managed to keep the bag between 6 and 10 bless tokens at all times. As a result, failing tests wasn’t really an option anymore. Anyone who is still saying that Bless tokens are bad without spending them on other stuff is just wrong 🙂

That being said, here’s how that campaign ended:

That’s the first Mythos phase of Shattered Eons, involving two of the cards from the Dark Cult replacement set Cult of Pnakotus. Sefina draws Stolen Mind. Bad enough, but Patrice then gets From Another Time and pulls a tentacle on the Intellect test. Four doom are added to the Mind, another one from its own ability, resulting in a 6/4/3 that threatens to advance the agenda if i can’t kill it NOW. I couldn’t. Things got ugly. I played another turn just to see what happens, then scooped it up. Sometimes Arkham just is like that…

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