Weekly Evils – #28

Week in Review

The House Always Wins? We got that.
Undimensioned and Unseen? But sure.
Black Stars Rise? Don’t mind if i do.
A Phantom of Truth? Of course.
The full Dunwich Legacy? Yup!
All of The Path to Carcosa? There you go!

That was a productive week 🙂


Long story short, my big Encounter Set Review project is coming close to its end and i have been thinking about how to continue with the Ancient Evils page from here on. The only two unreleased articles i have in my back pocket are the pages for Wages of Sin and for Union and Disillusion. Those are going up next week. After that, all that is left is the back half of Innsmouth.

I finally caught up with the release cycle. A major, major, major milestone for me. And it means that i now have a full archive of encounter sets, encounter cards and scenarios for you to browse. Kinda cool 🙂

One thing is for sure, though. That wild update schedule with three posts per week? That is history. I am very happy i got this done and i fully intend on scaling back my efforts massively. Probably all the way down to like one or two articles per month. Weekly Evils are going to be put on hold as well. Not sure if it’s going to become a Monthly Evils or just be dropped completely. We’ll see.

So what can be expected from Ancient Evils in the future? Mostly i will keep updating everything when new product comes out, covering Innsmouth and Return to Circle Undone next. I also have some ideas for longer articles that i didn’t have the time to do yet. Among them are some more fleshed out versions of things that i posted in this Soapbox space: “LotR vs Arkham (vs Marvel)”, “Token and Storage” and maybe a revisit of the encounter set rankings with a bit more detail once Innsmouth is done. I also want to do a sort of “Comprehensive Guide to <campaign>” series. I started doing this for TFA, but when scoping out what should go into it i quickly found that this thing would be massive and would have taken me too much time before. Now, with the heavy schedule out of the picture, i might get to it. I am also not too happy with the “Well Prepared” articles that i posted. I feel like those also had to suffer a bit under time constraints and could benefit a lot from getting an overhaul. One thing that i currently have no further plans for is the custom card section. I simply don’t feel the need for any custom cards right now.

See you next week when i finish up TCU, just in time for (i hope…) the RtTCU announcement 🙂

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