Weekly Evils – #3

Week in Review

It was Spider Week on Ancient Evils, and so the encounter sets Agents of Atlach-Nacha, Spiders and the scenario Weaver of the Cosmos were added to the posts.
I also added my “Return To” comments to the pages for the previously reviewed Shattered Aeons and Heart of the Elders #1. So the reviews are up-to-date on that front now.
Following right on the heels of the RtTFA campaign was starting another run through Dunwich Legacy, to test my custom ARES cards. Looking good so far. Some tweaks and changes that i want to do, but everything seems to at least be working without major issues. Well, still three more scenarios to go, after that i will update the cards and probably put up some printer friendly PDF sheets to download so you can make your own copies of the things. I might actually already get that done next week, we’ll see.


This week, the investigator starter decks saw their release. Well, at least in some parts of the world and not in the numbers that would be needed for everyone to get their hands on them, but that’s FFG for you. If they wouldn’t be making the damn best card games on the market, i would’ve stopped putting up with their crap years ago. Ah well. Logistical issues aside, i am looking forward to getting these myself. New investigators are great content and the number of new cards is sure going to shake up deck building a lot. And three out of the five investigators have me genuinely excited because their way of playing seems very different to me to what investigators we already have. Nathaniel Cho, the event focused Guardian, looks especially like just my cup of tea. Maybe i’ll get my set of decks this week? Pretty please?

The other Arkham related thing on the horizon is The Innsmouth Conspiracy cycle. While still a few months away, the hype and spoiler season started this week with several previews that were handed to community bloggers and casters. The first ones trickled in already and more are to come over the next week or weeks. Exciting times, looking at new player cards with brand new mechanics is always fun and so is following the discussions and speculations around the new Bless and Curse tokens. On the official FFG site, there’s also a new post announcing the first Mythos Pack for Innsmouth. Called In Too Deep, it sees players run through the largest map of locations yet, hindered by barricades and rising tides while fish people are on their tail. Sounds great! I like the pulpy setting of Innsmouth, i will certainly enjoy this campaign being more “grounded” than the weirdness of Dream-Eaters.

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