Weekly Evils – #6

Week in Review

Another week came and went, so another three encounter sets were reviewed. Agents of Hastur was first, laying the path for Dim Carcosa. Dim Carcosa was this week’s main attraction, the finale to the Carcosa campaign has quite a few interesting bits to it. Agents of Yog-Sothoth rounded out the week, this Core encounter set is needed so we can fully appreciate City of Archives next week.

In terms of custom content, i made the first ARES card for Carcosa. Gnawing Evils is meant to replace the unsatisfying Delusory Evils from the Return to Carcosa box.


Barkham doesn’t interest me much personally beyond the excellent art on its encounter cards, so that’s not something i have much to say about. It’s not like anyone got their copy anyways, so …

I’ve been spending this week finishing my Carcosa campaign, leading to a situation where i both was putting the final touches on my Dim Carcosa review on this site and having the cards for the scenario on the living room table. Nate and Jackie did admirably, they really tore through this campaign with high marks all around. Since there aren’t any big news this week to cover, let me show you my Nathaniel deck: Link to ArkhamDB
This is one of the very few decks where i felt like every card belonged and there was very little wiggle room on how to build it differently. Nathaniel does one thing (punch monsters!) and he does it very, very well. Before the investigator decks were released, he was the one of them i was looking forward the most because event-based decks appeal to me. I was not disappointed. My only worry would be how linear he is, there’s not really a lot of ways to build his deck.

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