Weekly Evils – #8

Week in Review

This week i took a look at Where The Gods Dwell, the final scenario of the first Dream-Eaters mini-campaign. With it came reviews for the final two of its encounter sets: Whispers of Hypnos, a somewhat uninspiring set/card that is mostly notable for being the only set that is used in both the A and B side of the campaign. And Agents of Nyarlathothep, a set that actually scratches at the fourth wall. Wild.

Early in the week, i also posted an Innsmouth Spoiler Roundup, collecting all the official FFG-sanctioned spoilers that we got until that point, close to the actual release of the deluxe box. I commented a bit on various things and ended up making a speculation in the final bit of the article. Well, we already know today that this speculation is wrong 🙂


Yesterday was the official release date for The Innsmouth Conspiracy deluxe expansion. Personally, i didn’t get it yet but i assume that i do next week. I’ll start reviewing some of the sets from Innsmouth once i familiarized myself a bit with them. If that’s already next week or the week after, we’ll see.

Innsmouth drops another three to five new investigators on us, depending on whether you already own Dexter and/or Silas. And i didn’t even finish playing all of the starter investigators yet! So much game left to explore, it’s really great.

Aside from Innsmouth release, there isn’t really much to soapbox about yet. So … that’s it. Enjoy your weekend, no matter if it features ravenous fish people or not!

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