Weekly Evils – #9

Week in Review

We got a milestone this week. All the encounter sets and scenarios from the Core now have a page on this site. After sneakily doing the various “Agents of” sets over the last couple weeks, i was able to close out the Core set this week with Agents of Cthulhu and The Devourer Below.

This is of course particularly good timing, because Agents of Cthulhu features also in one of the Innsmouth Conspiracy missions from the deluxe expansion that just released a week ago. Bit of a happy accident, but i’ll take it!


Yep, i got Innsmouth and i already played through both of the scenarios. They are both really, really good. I am very impressed. I will likely start writing down my thoughts on the Innsmouth encounter sets next week (maybe give the two scenarios another play as well), but we’ll see when i get to the point when i can publish them. Certainly not immediately next week, but there is a chance that i can get Innsmouth rolling on this site the week after.

One thing i have been thinking about is how to use the two scenarios as side missions. After all, it’s still going to be a while until we have the whole campaign and i kinda want to play these again, using them in a different campaign. Due to the Flashback nature of the scenarios, one would have to ignore parts of the story bits to do so, but i think it could work. The first scenario also does things with the chaos bag, making including it as a side scenario a bit weird. However, here’s my proposal (very minor spoilers):

Pit of Despair: If you want to use it as a side scenario, add a Cultist, an Elder Thing and a Tablet token to your chaos bag (instead of paying XP as you’d do with other side scenarios). This is a bit of a high risk/high reward play, as there is a nice 6 extra XP to earn if everything goes well, but if you end up not being able to neutralize every token added, that’d have some consequences for the rest of the campaign.

The Vanishing of Elina Harper: The scenario is very light on XP, so i would suggest just paying 2XP to add it as a side scenario to your campaign. The main payoff would be the chance to grab Elina Harper herself for one of the decks, who is a notably powerful story ally.

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